The Debtor Mentality

The Debtor Mentality

by Glen Hutchinson
June 2, 2009

Most of us have heard that it is much easier for a spouse to hit their partner the second time , then the first time. It is usually a male striking a female but that is not always the case. It is much easier for a debtor to bounce their second cheque than their first. It is easier for a debtor or a debtor company to avoid the second message than the first. It is easier for a debtor to actually lie to a credit grantor the second time , than it is to lie to them the first time. The first time seems to be the hurtle the debtor has to clear and then it gets progressively easier.

The second stage that the debtor or debtor company goes into is the self justification mode. Which simple means they justify their avoidance of repayment of a just debt or financial obligation(s) by convincing themselves they do not actually owe the debt and thus they don’t have to repay it.Some of the more normal self justifications are : the work was shoddy,the delivery was late , the interest rate is too high . Some debtors actually convince themselves it is alright not to be responsible financially by believing that since the credit grantor has more money then they do, it is alright not to pay it back

There is a definite pattern that is set and most debtors follow along the same course. There certainly are many honest and good people and companies that are unable to keep up their end of financial obligations. The good ones call you before you need to call them , and they keep you informed. The bad ones avoid you.

There is a solution to this problem. In Alberta, Canada there most certainly is. Simply sue them. Or if you are unable to or feel more comfortable having an expert do it , on your behalf, then find the company that can do it on your behalf. Lawyers are getting very expensive .Find a collection agency that will endeavour to collect on your behalf and if the debtor or debtor company will continue in the avoidance mode, then simple have the agency sue them.

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