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T&S Collections Ltd. uses litigation as an extension of our collection service. Unfortunately in many cases a debt collection lawsuit is a necessity to at least expedite the collection process and in many cases it is the only viable solution that is available.

  • At T&S Collections Ltd., as a Calgary collection agency, we understand the legal process in the province of Alberta and we do use it to maximize collection efficiency. We sue internally for any claim amounts up to $100,000.00 and for any claims over the small claims court ceiling we use a reputable collection lawyer.
  • Since we sue internally we can keep the legal cost low while maintaining control of your file throughout the whole legal process. The legal firm that we utilize for any claims in excess of $100,000.00 does one thing: litigate.
  • In conjunction with a strong internal legal system we also utilize a highly successful skip tracing company.
  • If the balance warrants the action and there is no cooperation on behalf of the debtor or Debtor Company once judgment has been obtained we use the services of a bailiff. We have used the same bailiff for the past three years and his results are remarkable.

No legal action will be commenced on behalf of any client without their written authorization. We look at every case individually and advise our clients as to what steps we think would best serve their interest. We never forget that these files are not our files but they belong to you, our client.

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  • We set a high standard for collection service efficiency by using our knowledge and experience, in conjunction with a burning desire to succeed.